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4GV Packaging Systems specialise in the safe and compliant transportation of dangerous goods according to governing regulations. We have design, manufacture and supply our own range of industrial strength boxes to ensure we are confident that you are receiving the highest quality packaging solution for the transportation of dangerous goods at a competitive price.

Our packaging solutions are purpose built and tested to the most rigorous standards to provide you with peace of mind when you are transporting goods that are categorised as dangerous. If you are a Courier, Freight Company, Cargo Agent or Airline, we can provide you with fully approved packaging for dangerous goods.

Our specialist products and services are currently used by a range of industries including; Agricultural, Aviation, Chemical Distribution, Explosives, Freight Forwarding, Gas, Mining, Petroleum, Pharamaceutical, Specialist Cleaning or Coating and Waste Management for the safe transportation of dangerous goods. No matter what your industry, if you use hazardous materials and have a requirement to transport them, we can assist.

We only manufacture packaging to the 4GV standard, as these are the only boxes to meet the UN certified standard. 4G coded boxes used without an inner container are not a dangerous goods approved package, so we do not supply them. Our boxes are quality products that ensure safe and compliant transportation of dangerous goods.

In addition to packaging, we are also qualified to deliver training for those who are responsible for handling dangerous goods. Our monthly training courses are regularly updated to ensure they cover all current regulations and legal requirements. Our training courses are accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and delivered by an IATA approved trainer. If you have a requirement to train a large number of your staff, we can discuss delivering the training at your workplace.

4GV Packaging Systems also provides support services to the air-freight industry as a neutral entity. Our services include:

  • On-site repackaging
  • Processing of dangerous goods documentation
  • Supply of TREM (Transport Emergency) information
  • Dangerous Goods checking in accordance with regulations
  • UK Collection Service for regulated goods and radioactive materials
  • Airport collections and deliveries
  • Collect, repack and process documentation
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser consultancy
  • A 24 hour helpline and incident control

We provide fast, cost effective and professional services to make it as simple as possible to carry out the safe transportation of dangerous goods.